Therapy in Colour

Therapy in Colour

Intersectional, Anti-Racist and Intercultural Approaches by Therapists of Colour

Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga, Kris Black, Karen Carberry and Eugene Ellis


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If you are seeking to create a more intersectional, anti-racist, and inter-cultural approach to therapy, this edited collection emerging from the Black, African and Asian Therapy Network is an invaluable resource for your practice.
This collection covers topics such as the psychological trauma of racism, the various barriers to accessing support for mental health and the lived experience of Black, African, or Asian people in a profession that is still dominated by Eurocentric perspectives, training, and practice. Each contribution further reinforces the importance and benefit of having an intersectional, anti-racist, and inter-cultural approach to your therapeutic practice and contains insight from 27 experts in the psychological arena.
This book is split into four sections - the first focusses on colour, creativity, and anti-racist reflections. Part two covers training in the psychological field in the past, present, and future. Part three discusses CPD, supervision and self-care with a specific focus on mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health and lastly, part five centralises therapeutic needs and psychological wellbeing within the context of identity, culture, and belonging.