Talking about BPD

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Talking about BPD

A Stigma-Free Guide to Living a Calmer, Happier Life with Borderline Personality Disorder

Rosie Cappuccino


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'I am Rosie. I have BPD. I am not an attention-seeker, manipulative, dangerous, hopeless, unlovable, 'broken', 'difficult to reach' or 'unwilling to engage'. I am caring, creative, courageous, determined, full of life and love.'

Talking About BPD is a positive, stigma-free guide to life with borderline personality disorder (BPD) from award-winning blogger Rosie Cappuccino.

Addressing what BPD is, the journey to diagnosis and available treatments, Rosie offers advice on life with BPD and shares practical tips and DBT-based techniques for coping day to day. Topics such as how to talk about BPD to those around you, managing relationships and self-harm are also explored. Throughout, Rosie shares her own experiences and works to dispel stigma and challenge the stereotypes often associated with the disorder.

This much-needed, hopeful guide will offer support, understanding, validation and empowerment for all living with BPD, as well as those who support them.

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Rosie Cappuccino:
Rosie Cappuccino runs the award-winning blog Talking About BPD, sharing her experiences of living with BPD since being diagnosed in her early 20s. She has previously written for Healthy Place, a popular mental health website, and has appeared on podcasts, such as Mentally Yours and The Stronger Minds Podcast. Rosie works as a primary school teacher in the UK.