What I Do to Get Through

What I Do to Get Through

How to Run, Swim, Cycle, Sew, or Sing Your Way Through Depression

Olivia Sagan, James Withey


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“It might sound odd, but I can honestly say knitting has saved my life.”

When mental illness strikes, we need tools at our side to help make things better, that give meaning, relief and dare we say…happiness. From wild swimming and mindful running, to community singing and everyday yoga, the inspiring stories in this book reveal the power of activities and hobbies to distract, exorcise and calm, helping us to heal and recover from depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses.

From the team behind the bestselling The Recovery Letters, this honest, uplifting and motivational book will help you to discover the activity or hobby that will transform your life and make every day that much brighter.

This is the eBook edition, you will be able to access this eBook online via your browser or download it to the accompanying Jessica Kingsley Publishers app.


Olivia Sagan:
Olivia Sagan is the Head of Division Psychology, Sociology and Education at Queen Margaret University, Scotland. She co-edited the bestselling book The Recovery Letters and has previously published Narratives of Art Practice and Mental Wellbeing and Narratives of Loneliness.

James Withey is the founder of the internationally renowned The Recovery Letters project. He is the author of the best selling book How To Tell Depression to Piss Off: 40 Ways to Get Your Life Back and co-editor of the The Recovery Letters. James lives with depression; he writes and speaks about mental health.