Core Teacher Skills – Emotional Resilience

Core Teacher Skills – Emotional Resilience

How to Manage Workload and Wellbeing


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A 3-episode training course for early career teachers looking to develop their resilience, through tips on improving wellbeing and workload management. Using terminology from the ITT framework, it covers routines, mentors, colleague support and overall wellbeing.
Using the metaphor of the layers of the Earth, the videos break down advice from the outer crust (routines), to the mantle (relationships) and finally focus on the core (protecting your own energy). Here is the breakdown of what is covered in each video:

Video 1. The Crust: - To personalise systems and routines
Learn that... your routine needs to be sustainable 2:10
Learn that... your routine needs to be started from Day One 6:15
Learn that ... your system might be different from others' 11:29
Learn how to ... schedule in flexibility 19:30
Learn how to ... focus your attention 24:54
Learn how to ... set priorities 28:46

Video 2. The Mantle: - To utilise colleagues to support you
Learn that ... you are not alone 01:48
Learn that ... you need to give and take 06:40
Learn that ... you deserve time with your mentor 10:23
Learn how to ... ask the right person at the right time 16:36
Learn how to... watch what others are doing 21:03
Learn how to... look ahead 23:58

Video 3. The Core: - To protect time for rest and recovery
Learn that ... you need to sometimes put yourself first 03:55
Learn that ... stopping makes you go faster 08:32
Learn that ... recovery isn't just for weekends 13:17
Learn how to ... manage your sleep 17:30

Your Instructor

David Gumbrell - Education Consultant & Former Headteacher