PDA by PDAers

PDA by PDAers

From Anxiety to Avoidance and Masking to Meltdowns

Sally Cat


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"To think of PDA as merely involving demand avoidance is to me akin to thinking of tigers as merely having stripes." This book is a unique window into adult Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), exploring the diversity of distinct PDA traits through the voices of over 70 people living with and affected by the condition. Sally Cat, an adult with PDA, has successfully captured the essence of a popular online support group in book form, making the valuable insights available to a wider audience, and creating a much-needed resource for individuals and professionals. Candid discussions cover issues ranging from overload and meltdowns, to work, relationships and parenting. This is a fascinating and sometimes very moving read. This is the ebook edition, you will be able to access this ebook online via your browser or download it to the accompanying Jessica Kingsley Publishers app.


Sally Cat:
Sally Cat is an adult with PDA. She has compiled the book from discussions between 70+ people from around the world that have taken place within the Facebook Adult PDA Support Network.