We're All Mad Here

We're All Mad Here

The No-Nonsense Guide to Living with Social Anxiety

Claire Eastham. Foreword by Natasha Devon MBE


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Anxiety is a crafty shapeshifter that can take on many forms: the tiger that sinks its claws in with physical symptoms and distressing thoughts, the cruel and belittling bully creating insecurity and self-doubt and, worst of all, the frenemy rewarding avoidance of social situations with no physical symptoms, no cruel thoughts... and no life beyond your sofa! This no-nonsense guide to beating social anxiety covers everything from surviving university and the workplace, through to social media and making it through parties and dates (whilst actually enjoying them!) With honest insights about her own social anxiety and a healthy dose of humour, award-winning blogger Claire Eastham describes what social anxiety is, why it happens, and how you can lessen its effects with lifestyle choices, talking therapies or even a hug from your favourite canine friend! This is the ebook edition, you will be able to access this ebook online via your browser or download it to the accompanying Jessica Kingsley Publishers app.


Claire Eastham. Foreword by Natasha Devon MBE:
Claire Eastham writes about coping with social anxiety on her award-winning blog, We're All Mad Here (www.weallmadhere.com), and recently started her own YouTube channel where she discusses anxiety and demonstrates self-help techniques. She works in publishing and is based in London, UK.