Hearing Voices, Living Fully

Hearing Voices, Living Fully

Living with the Voices in My Head

Claire Bien. Foreword by Larry Davidson


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When Claire Bien first began hearing voices, they were infrequent, benign and seemingly just curious about her life and the world around her. But the more attention Claire paid, the more frequently they began to speak, and the darker their intentions became... Despite escalating paranoia, an initial diagnosis of Schizophreniform Disorder and taking medication with debilitating side effects, Claire learned to face her demons and manage her condition without the need for long-term medication. In this gripping memoir, Claire recounts with eloquence her most troubled times. She explains how she managed to regain control over her mind and her life even while intermittently hearing voices, through self-guided and professional therapy and with the support of family and friends. Challenging a purely medical understanding of hearing voices, Claire advocates for an end to the stigma of those who experience auditory verbal hallucinations, and a change of thinking from the professionals who treat the condition. This is the ebook edition, you will be able to access this ebook online via your browser or download it to the accompanying Jessica Kingsley Publishers app.


Claire Bien. Foreword by Larry Davidson:
Claire Bien is Associate Director of Communications at The Connection, Inc. in Middletown, CT. Claire is also a trained facilitator at the Hearing Voices Network, which advocates the human rights of those who experience auditory hallucinations. Claire has experienced hearing voices for most of her adult life. She lives in Connecticut, USA.