The Parenting Patchwork Treasure Deck

The Parenting Patchwork Treasure Deck


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Download the accompanying videos to The Parenting Patchwork Treasure Deck here.

Video contents:

Blue Cards
1 - An Introduction to Using the Blue Cards
2 - Discussion around the Play and Praise card
3 - Three Words to Describe Card
4 - Knowledge Cards
5 - Elements Impacting My Parenting
6 - Empathy and Perspective Taking
7 - Hopes, Wishes and the Time Capsule Exercise
8 - Worries or Fears
9 - Snakes & Ladders and Octopus Cards
10 - Daily Routine, In My Shoes and Household Rules
11 - The Question Card

Purple Cards
12 - An Introduction to the Purple Cards
13 - Introducing the Parenting Patchwork Exercise
14 - Carrying out the Parenting Patchwork Exercise... A Case Study

Green Cards
15 - Using the Green Cards... Reflecting on the Parenting Patchwork Exercise

Dr. Karen Treisman is an award-winning specialist clinical psychologist, trainer and bestselling author, working in London, UK. Karen is also the Director of Safe Hands and Thinking Minds Training and Consultancy services.